Calashock has been a BigCommerce partner since 2010, having previously been a partner with their predecessor Interspire.

As one of the few partners globally to specialise exclusively in BigCommerce, we've built strong relationships with colleagues at BigCommerce, and gained unrivalled knowledge and expertise of the platform, which allows us to deploy websites better, faster and making full use of the features, functionality and OpenSaaS framework BigCommerce provides.

We were one of the first agencies to build a custom checkout using BigCommerce's OpenCheckout.


DEITY PWA is the only choice for BigCommerce merchants looking to have a BigCommerce-powered ecommerce website on a PWA platform. In the age where most people carry a smartphone and the majority of website visits are on a mobile phone, PWAs offer merchants an app-like responsive website that can be downloaded onto a smartphone like a native app.

PWAs have been around for many years, but are still underestimated, making them a great way to offer customers an enhanced ecommerce experience.

Styla Front-end

Styla Frontend

Successful ecommerce websites are more than just ecommerce websites - they are experiences that appeal to buyers. But there are times when these experiences are difficult to achieve in a monolithic, ecommerce platform, which is why experience platforms and headless infrastructures are growing in popularity.

Styla Frontend has been built to help merchants deliver best-in-class commerce experiences through a platform built specifically for a merchant to manage. With industry-beating load times of less than 1 second and a PWA (Progressive Web App) frontend as standard, Styla is the perfect frontend for merchants looking to create unique experiences without compromising performance.